Thursday, December 12, 2019

More Manga by Kanzaki Junji

I acquired these manga original page exclusively because of the dynamic of the last frame. Especially nicely represented in the left leg of the person in the black suit. 

This is page from Ai to Fukushuu no Banka (Eternal song of love and revenge) Crime Yakuza story published in Weekly Manga Sunday in 2003 and drawn by Kanzaki Junji.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Boys from Sarajevo

A few days ago I posted this photo of boys from Sarajevo by Bernard Pierre Wolff taken in 1967 asking the question "Where are they now, who they are, and what happened to them in the Bosnian war?"

My question was answered by Sead Kresevljakovic from Al Jazeera Balkans. Sead went to the neighborhood in the photo and found the brother of one of the boys, and was given most of their names: Nebi Ramani, Dzevad Tukic, Fuad, Semsudin Heco, Dzevad, Sabahudin including the name of his brother Kemal Imsirpasic (far left with truck). Unfortunately Kemal was killed in the War.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Two more photographs by Bernard Pierre Wolff

I acquired two more photographs by Bernard Pierre Wolff, most known by his photography for album cover 'Closer', by Joy Division from 1980.

These two photos were taken in 1967 in Bosnia, Yugoslavia. One is a photo of children in Sarajevo and the other one of a boy somewhere in Bosnia.

These kids are my generation. When one sees theses faces one cannot but question where are they now and what happened to them in the Bosnian war.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Photograph by Bernard Pierre Wolff

Recently, I acquired this photograph by Bernard Pierre Wolff shot on his trip in 1967 to Bosnia, Yugoslavia.

Probably the most known photograph by Bernard Wolff is album cover for Closer, by Joy Division from 1980.