Tuesday, August 25, 2020

AIGI Poster by Stefan Sagmeister

Another hidden treasure, poster by Stefan Sagmeister, for AIGA (The American Institute of Graphic Arts) conference in 1997. This poster among others of his works propelled Stefan to stardom in graphic design. 

It was one of the most labor intensive posters I ever saw. 


Friday, August 21, 2020

AIGI Poster by April Greiman

Packing my studio in preparation for the move, I came across quite a few hidden treasures. One of them is this poster designed by April Greiman in 1992 for AIGA (The American Institute of Graphic Arts) call for entries.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Bulls On Parade T-shirt


I just came across an unpacked in pristine condition T-shirt of Rage Against the Machine from 1996.

On the back of the T-shirt they used an image I created for their CD, Bulls on Parade.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Recent acquisitions John Heartfield and Ladislav Sutnar

Dimitrov on Reichstag Fire; Communism,
1st. (only) edition, 1933

Upton Sinclair: Jimmie Higgins
1st. edition, 1924

Photo-montage and design by John Heartfield.


G.B. Shaw: Obráceni kapitána Brassbounda
1st. edition, 1932

G.B. Shaw: Drobnosti
1st. edition, 1933

Cover design by Ladislav Sutnar


Saturday, August 1, 2020

Lovesick Skateboards

I created this illustration for Steven Heller, who was the art director of the book review in the New York Times in 1993.

Soon after, I was contacted by someone from Rage Against The Machine to see if I would allow them to use this image for their banners on stage and T-shirts. They had already been familiarized with my work, because the bass player, Tim Commerford, already had a tattoo of my work on his arm. This started our collaboration together for some years to come.

The T-shirt became quite popular and at the time I saw young people wearing them. One of these young people was Aleks Lewandowski from Lovesick Skateboards. Aleks recently contacted me to see if he could use that very same image from almost 30 years ago on one of his skateboards. And of course, because he wanted to reflect that period of that time again, so he also created a T-shirt.

A few days ago I received a package with a few skate decks and T-shirts with my art on them. What is even more important to me, there was a very sweet hand-written note from Aleks that I am posting below without his permission.

Getting this note today was worth the creation of the work itself nearly 30 years ago.

The 20th anniversary of the Ulysses Theater

The Ulysses Theatre was established in 2001 by one of Croatia's most famous contemporary actors, the internationally recognised Rade Šerbedžija along with his project partner, the writer Borislav Vujčić, this renowned summertime theatre entertains with evenings of classic and contemporary theatre, music and dance. Nearly all summer performances take place beneath the open sky in the 150-year-old Austro-Hungarian Fort Minor, which houses three separate amphitheatres on different levels. The fort is located on the Mali Brijun island of Brijuni part of Brijuni National Park. The historic setting is wonderfully atmospheric and performances sometimes use the space very imaginatively. Despite a classical repertoire, their productions can be very grunge, partly because of their environment.

When I was invited to create the posters and billboards for the 20th anniversary of the theatre, I decided to create something in that style, classical / grunge. To get the appropriate typography I chose my go-to hand letterer Nicky Lindeman.

Photographs of posters and billboards by Martin Horvat.