Tuesday, November 22, 2022

My Interview for the Croatian Magazine Ekran

I am happy to share with you my interview for the Croatian lifestyle magazine Ekran.  

The interview is conducted by Toni Volarić. 

Cover photo by Primož Korošec.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Heads and Tails

The idea for Heads and Tails book is not only for the kids to learn how to spell the animals' names but also to learn them in six European languages. The market for this book for now is primarily Europe.

I wanted to create a book that's interesting and interactive. And I wanted to achieve that without special effects, die-cutting, foldouts, etc.
That way, the price of the book stays low. For interaction, I use the existing format of the book. Holding certain amount pages of the book in the middle, one can get different combinations of the images/animals on the left and right pages.

The book is published by Bodoni, an imprint of the Croatian publishing company Fraktura. More here.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Le due bandiere (The two flags) by Sergio Toppi

I am very happy that I managed to acquire this original comics page by Sergio Toppi from the comic Le due bandiere (The two flags), published in 1973 in Corriere dei Ragazzi.

Sergio is one of the Italian masters of comics and illistrations and one of the idols of my youth. I must still be youthful because I still like his work very much. His seemingly random pen strokes are just amazing. 

On the quite large page margin of this comic, in pencil, he wrote notes on how it was supposed to be coloured.