Thursday, March 20, 2014

All lazy minds think alike

I have always thought laziness is important for creativity. Maybe because I am lazy.
In 1977 I was lazy but I needed to do a comic for youth paper "Polet".
I tried to be clever and multiplied the same drawing with little adjustments,
just to look different, and then redrew little bit four of the drawings,
and in couple of hours I got myself a comic with sarcastic title "Born To Be Wild".

In 1983 I saw a poster - comic by Milton Glaser for "Mostly Mozart Festival" in Lincoln Center,
with the very same idea.

It is just a proof that all lazy minds think alike.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New York Times Op-Ed Pages

From 1992-1993 I was the art director of New York Times Op-Ed pages. 
I had the extreme pleasure to work with some of the top writers and illustrators. 

My editor, Mike Levitas, supported me in creating some quite unusual pages, 
which were very "experimental" for the New York Times at that time. 

Here are some of them.

Illustration by: Milton Glaser

Illustration by: Ruth Marten

Tony Tasset, Artists Monument

For the 2014 Whitney Biennial, artist Tony Tasset has chosen to take his Artists Monument
outside of the Museum’s galleries and present it in Hudson River Park, 17th Street between
Chelsea Piers and Pier 57. Just a few blocks away from my house!

The multicolored acrylic panels of Tasset’s Artists Monument are etched with the names
of 392,486 modern and contemporary artists, ranging from Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol
to emerging artists.

My name is inscribed twice. I'm not sure if that is because of my split personality,
or because I am twice the artist?

Photos by: Aleksandar Macasev 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Survival", the last comic I ever drew

"Once Upon A Time In Yugoslavia: Graphic journey through pop culture of Ex Yugoslavia" blog posted hi-res pages of my comic "Survival", from Heavy Metal magazine published in 1980. "Survival" was written by Les Lilley
The comic was first time published by "Spunk" magazine in 1979. 
That was the last comic I ever drew.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Wolfsonian Museum's "Complaints!"

In their Daily Post blog, The Wolfsonian Museum, posted my poster 
"Religion-Freedom" which is part of their "Complaints!" exhibition. 

Power of Design 2014: Complaints.

Complaints! An Inalienable Right is a poster exhibition curated by Steven Heller in conjunction with Power of Design 2014: Complaints.
"Why do we complain? Our take? There’s method, purpose, meaning to our gripes. Complaints can get us from here to there, dissatisfaction to action, 
action to innovation.
Consider The Wolfsonian’s collection of art and design. Take away complaints and what’s left? We're considering not only expressions of complaint, but constructive responses. When you look at the big picture—and we are—our objects often represent solutions. Would we have the Arts and Crafts movement without dissatisfaction with industrialization? Political reform without protest? Advances in transportation, urban planning, architecture without discontent? Furniture design, industrial design—any design—without discomfort, whether physical, functional, 
or aesthetic?
For Power of Design we’re gathering change-makers, thought leaders, visionaries—and, yes, interesting complainers. We’re putting all of them, presenters and participants, together for a multi-day, multidisciplinary event brimming with provocative discussions, presentations, performances, exhibitions, and more. 
For those unable to attend, videos of sessions will be posted on this website.
Organized by The Wolfsonian–FIU in partnership with WLRN and 
The Miami Herald Media Company, March 20–23. 2014"

Steve Heller, who was curating the show, published an article on his Atlantic Blog about it.

Design Xray

WOBI TV released their new show Design Xray, and in their first episode they featured Milton Glaser, Adam Tihany and me.

The show was aired in 23 countries in Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador, & Central America).

Here is the link to full episode of Design Xray E01. I hope you will enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mirko Ilic - Fab

The Fab team decided to chose a few of my illustrations and make them available for sale on their website. This is in addition to Liberty & Justice illustration they posted a couple of months ago. Fab is an online design store with a worldwide customer base.