Thursday, December 27, 2018


ArabAd is the the first and oldest advertising and communications magazine in the Arabic world.In their new Nov/Dec 2018 issue under the title "Goodvertising, Design for Good, Tolerance ..." they published an article about the conference Creative Day organized by AdPulse in Beirut, Lebanon.
Among else in the article they are writing about my lecture Graphic Design as a Social Commentary, the traveling Tolerance Poster Show and Tolerance Poster Competition for students and professionals in the region.

The whole article can be read here.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Wine Labels Baracija

We got the first photography of our latest wine label design for Baracija Malvazija and Baracija Refošk from the famous Clai winery in Istria, Croatia.


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Poster for "Uncle Vanya"

I just received these photographs of my poster in front of Yugoslav Drama Theatre 
in Belgrade, Serbia. This poster is for Anton Chekhov play Uncle Vanya

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Illustraion Paradise

I just got this beautiful present from Milton Glaser. Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia. What is really divine by this Trilogy is the choice of the illustrator three best illustrators of that time and three most appropriate illustrators for the job.

Moebius illustrated Paradise, Milton Glaser Purgatory and Lorenzo Mattotti. Each of them created 20 to 30 illustrations. The books were published by the Italian publisher Nuages in 1999.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Alex in Wonderland

Recently I acquired this very rare and unusual poster designed by Milton Glaser.
The poster is from the 1970's movie Alex in Wonderland directed by Paul Mazursky starring Donald Sutherland.
Plot: Young director Alex Morrison (Donald Sutherland) feels compelled to follow his recent box-office hit with another blockbuster. While mulling over this dilemma, the director's mind wanders to his past, his present, and probable future.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Show and talk at ArabAdpulse in Beirut

I am happy to announce the opening of the Tolerance Traveling Poster Show and my talk on Graphic Design as a social commentary at #ArabAdpulse in Beirut, Lebanon on Thursday November 29.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Graphic: 500 Designs that Matter

A few days ago I got aware of the book Graphic: 500 Designs that Matter published some time ago by Phaidon. I was extremely pleased and humbled that my design of New York Times Op-Ed pages from 1992 made the cut in 500 Designs that Matter.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Design Of Dissent Show in Timișoara, Romania

I'm pleased to announce The Design Of Dissent show in Timișoara, Romania
The show is gonna be open until 20 November 2018
The show is curated by TypopassageTM & me, and is part of MAD(e) in Romania project organised by Contrasens Cultural Association

The Design of Dissent is showing works of social and political protest and critique spanning the last fifty years by prominent graphic designers around the world. The show is based on The Design of Dissent book written by Milton Glaser and me. 

The exhibition in Timișoara includes a selection of graphic works created by Atelier Nous Travaillons Ensemble (France), Péter Pócs (Hungary), Yossi Lemel (Israel), Cedomir Kostović (USA), Barbara Kruger (USA), Parisa Tashakori (Iran), Jose Luis Lopez (Ecuador), Coco Cerrella (Argentina), Vitaliy Shostya, Elena Batenko, Svetlana Koshkina, Marina Chikaliuk (Ukraine), Anur Hadžiomerspahić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Chun-liang Leo Lin (Taiwan), Andrew Lewis (Canada), Natalia Delgado Avila (Mexico), Mohammad Sharaf (Kuwait), Chris Serrano (USA),  Ramzi Moutran, Sabia Fatayri, Christopher Hunt (USA), Yue Chen (USA), Mark Fox, Angie Wang (USA), Juan F. Miranda (Argentina), Bruno Rivera (Bolivia), Dalida Karić - Hadžiahmetović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Wesam Mazhar Haddad (Jordan), Dugudus (France), Bukheyproject/ Bulkin S., Mikheeva E. (Russia).

MAD(E) in Romania is a manifesto-project with a declared political and social dimension built around the energy of protests and protesting. It brings together 28 socio-politically engaged artists, illustrators and poster activists recognized for their pervasive critical discourse, alongside 8 film directors and their critically engaged productions and 16 researchers in visual arts and related disciplines.


Friday, October 12, 2018

Posterfest in Budapest, Hungary

The 2nd Posterfest in Budapest, Hungary just announced the posters accepted for this year's show.
I am quite pleased that three of my posters were accepted, but I am even more pleased that I see (although purely alphabetical) my posters are almost touching shoulders with my friend Milton Glaser! On top of that, a couple of posters created for my Tolerance Poster Show also made the competition.

Thank you to Posterfest for choosing to display my work.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

"Design of Dissent" in The Milton Glaser Archives

On October 10th 2018, School of Visual Arts posted a feature on "Design of Dissent", in the Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives: a collection of works with the intention of archival in academic context. I have written "Design of Dissent" with Milton Glaser, and I am happy to have donated over 300 pieces of artwork for the future study and understanding of political design that continues to be relevant regardless of era.

"The Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives and the SVA Archives, the two archival collections housed within the SVA Libraryhave recently launched their new website, accessible at both and Visitors can now learn more about and view selections from both archives' collections, schedule appointments to visit the archives in person, and more."

"From a design perspective, they're fascinating—a global view of what’s going on," says Beth Kleber, head archivist for both SVA and the Glaser Archives.

Thomas Porostocky, We Need More Party Animals, 2004. Via

Hadas Zohar, Take a Seat, 2016. Via

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

New Book, Graphic Style: From Victorian to Hipster

In the new Steven Heller and Seymour Chwast book, Graphic Style From Victorian to Hipster 4th Edition, I am honored to have my work represented in 3 different sections (Kinetic, Political, and Abstract Realism). 

With more than 700 illustrations, it is the only wide-ranging history of graphic design to be completely visual, and this new edition has been brought up to date with a new section that encompasses trends from the last decade.

Walter Bernard, Mirko Ilic (creative directors), Lauren Denapoli (animator). Scout's Honor. Film title sequence, 1999. Courtesy WBMG Inc and Mirko Ilic Corp.

Mirko Ilic and Daniel Young, designers. Darfur. Poster, Paradoxy Products, 2006

Mirko Ilic. Freedom to Vote (and Make It Count). Poster for exhibition Thoughts on Democracy: Freedom to Vote, Wolfsonian-Florida International University, Miami Beach, 2016

Monday, September 24, 2018

Eroticism in Polish Poster

On September 20th was the opening of the show "Eroticism in Polish poster, Head to Toe" in the Dydo Poster Galery in Krakow, Poland. 

The exhibition shows a selection of Polish posters from the book „Head to Toe: The Nude in Graphic Design” by Steven Heller and myself. The Show contains 50 works from the Dydo Poster Collection. Krzysztof Dydo, owner of one of the biggest collections of Polish posters and he is aslo big promoter of Polish posters and a generous contributor to all of mine and Steven Hellers books.

The show is gonna be open until October 14th and after that, it will travel to Pula and Zagreb in Croatia.