Monday, March 17, 2014

The Wolfsonian Museum's "Complaints!"

In their Daily Post blog, The Wolfsonian Museum, posted my poster 
"Religion-Freedom" which is part of their "Complaints!" exhibition. 

Power of Design 2014: Complaints.

Complaints! An Inalienable Right is a poster exhibition curated by Steven Heller in conjunction with Power of Design 2014: Complaints.
"Why do we complain? Our take? There’s method, purpose, meaning to our gripes. Complaints can get us from here to there, dissatisfaction to action, 
action to innovation.
Consider The Wolfsonian’s collection of art and design. Take away complaints and what’s left? We're considering not only expressions of complaint, but constructive responses. When you look at the big picture—and we are—our objects often represent solutions. Would we have the Arts and Crafts movement without dissatisfaction with industrialization? Political reform without protest? Advances in transportation, urban planning, architecture without discontent? Furniture design, industrial design—any design—without discomfort, whether physical, functional, 
or aesthetic?
For Power of Design we’re gathering change-makers, thought leaders, visionaries—and, yes, interesting complainers. We’re putting all of them, presenters and participants, together for a multi-day, multidisciplinary event brimming with provocative discussions, presentations, performances, exhibitions, and more. 
For those unable to attend, videos of sessions will be posted on this website.
Organized by The Wolfsonian–FIU in partnership with WLRN and 
The Miami Herald Media Company, March 20–23. 2014"

Steve Heller, who was curating the show, published an article on his Atlantic Blog about it.

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