Thursday, July 19, 2012

First Movie Poster

I was extremely lucky to create my first movie poster for the cult movie Ko To Tamo Peva
(Who Sings Over There) directed by Slobodan Sijan, produced by Film Center, Belgrade in 1980.

26 years later, Slobodan Sijan made the following statement:

“The vitality of bad taste should not be underestimated. As an example let me state a personal experience—a poster for the film Ko To Tamo Peva (Who Sings Over There). In now distant 1980, I invited a young designer from Zagreb, Mirko Ilić, to make a poster for the film, which he did—creating a spare, modern poster, which still appears powerful today.
At a screening of this film in France, a year later, the director of the festival excitedly ripped the poster out of my hands, and later sent me a postcard of the poster, framed, hanging on the wall of her living room.
However, the film producers have never been satisfied with this modern design solution and, twenty years later, while preparing the DVD release of the same film, they finally imposed their own “hick” solution to the cover design. Regardless of the fact that the film, wrapped in Ilić’s design, earned them an unprecedented amount of money, they couldn’t sit still until they’d expressed their kitsch sensibility and shared it with the general audience. Yes, the persistence of bad taste and poor design in our surroundings should not be underestimated.”

Slobodan Sijan,
speech at the opening of the exhibition grifon, Belgrade May 29, 2006

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