Thursday, September 5, 2013

European Unfair Society

The European Citizens' Initiative is fighting for a "fairer and more efficient society." 
Unfortunately, their fight for a "fairer and more efficient society" is fought with total unfair treatment of me.  
They decided to use my image of "Liberty & Justice" on their promotional materials without asking for my permission, giving me credit, and collaging with another image.

Even that was not enough. Because the color was too complex, they decided to 
redraw the image to be more appropriate for their banner and other internet usages. 
I have given the "Liberty & Justice" image to hundreds of different organizations and individuals after I was asked, never charging for usage. Most of them have credited me out of respect. That is how that is supposed to work.
This kind of action by the Initiative for a Basic Income in Europe totally contradictory to their mission statement. Fighting the exploitation of one person's work cannot be justified for exploiting another person's work.

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