Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Art in Dark Times

"Art in Dark Times" is an exhibition of 101 press cartoons from all perspectives on the Yugoslav conflicts drawn by 34 renowned cartoonists and illustrators from the former Yugoslavia.

The show will be exhibited in Sarajevo from May 14th to 24th 2014 at the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from June 04th to 12th in Zagreb at the Student Centre and from June 17th to 28th in Belgrade at Mikser House.

For the show they selected my cover illustration "Dogs of War" from The New York Times Book Review from January 21st, 1996.

This is not the first time that the illustration is being shown on the territory of ex-Yugoslavia.

In March 2005 for my one-man show in Museum of History of Yugoslavia in Belgrade, Serbia, organized and curated by Anica Tucakov. Graphic designer Aleksandar Maćašev created the banner for the show between else by placing the letter "ć", my logo, on the helmet of the Dog of War.

People that weren't familiar with my logo were complaining, thinking that it was a letter "č".

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