Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"1941/42 Anti-Masonic Poster" Catalogue

This year I managed to complete my collection of 20 Anti-Masonic (Anti-Semitic) posters from 1941, originally produced for Anti-Masonic (Anti-Semitic) exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia. The exhibition "The Grand Exhibition of the Work of Masons, Jews and Communists" was organized by German "Propaganda Section South-East" department, with the material support from the German military authorities and quisling Serbian Government.

Because Zagreb Jewish Film Festival Association and I are using these posters for traveling shows,
I decided also to create an accompanying catalogue.

The amazing amount of research through many different archives, and writing for the catalogue,
was done by art historian Jelena Banjac. The 64-page bilingual (Serbian/English) catalogue was designed by Dejan Krsic, and published by Heartefact Fund, Serbia.

All this was made possible by generous financial donation of AIC Foundation Inc.

More about the traveling shows:

The pdf of the complete catalogue can be downloaded here:

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