Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Li'l Abner

I just got Al Capp's original comic strip "Li'l Abner" from 1966. In this strip Li'l Abner appears in disguise, suit and dark sunglasses, but unfortunately Al Capp's racism is out in the open.
He started drawing comics in 1934 until 1977, but in the process, Capp transformed "from a progressive figure to a student-hating, pro-Vietnam War pal of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew.

And not long afterward saw sex scandal headlines gut his fame. Almost overnight he lost everything," according to underground comics pioneer Denis Kitchen, who co-wrote Al's biography, "Al Capp: A Life to the Contrary."

You can read more about his controversial and distasteful life in the article, "Just How Bitter, Petty, and Tragic Was Comic-Strip Genius Al Capp?" www.theatlantic.com/entertainment

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