Friday, April 28, 2017

Casey Ruggles by Warren Tufts

I just got myself two Warren Tufts "Casey Ruggles" Daily Comic Strip from 1953.
These great strips are from the master draftsman himself. I'm mentioning this because he always had trouble meeting deadlines. Despite the fact that he had help from numerous assistants and ghosts: Nick Cardy, Ruben Moreira, Al Plastino and Alex Toth.
Warren Tufts created the comic strip "Casey Ruggles" in 1949.
Sadly he was killed in 1982, in the crash of an airplane of his own design that he was piloting.

More about "Casey Ruggles" here.

I also have an early original of Warren Tufts' "Casey Ruggles" daily comic strip dated 2-9-1950.
Humble beginning this is drawn a year into the creation of "Casey Ruggles." It's not a very impressive drawing considering how over time Warren became more refined and tight and almost graphical in his style.

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