Friday, February 28, 2020

"How to Be a Fascist" book cover

My cover design for the book "How to Be a Fascist - A Manual" by Michela Murgia. 
Art direction by Paul Buckley and published by Penguin Books.
This is a short, bitingly ironic mixture of On Tyranny and The Psychopath Test, Italian political activist Michela Murgia explores the logic that is attracting increasing numbers of voters to right-wing populism. Far from its origins in the 20th century, fascism is once again on the rise in an age of increased connectivity and globalism. Murgia shows how many of the elements of our society that we might think would combat closed-mindedness and xenophobia actually fan the flames. Closing with a “fascistometer” to measure the reader’s own authoritarian inclinations, How to be a Fascist is a refreshingly direct, polemical book that asks us to confront the fascisim in our governments, in our societies, and in our own political leanings.


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