Friday, November 13, 2020

Child Superhero Logo

The organization Moje mjesto pod suncem (My Place Under the Sun) originated in Rijeka, Croatia. Their program's primary goal is to provide children below the poverty line with activities that will enable them to grow and develop based on their abilities rather than on the severe social context surrounding them. They offer these kids quality extra-institutional education in the hope that it will boost their self-esteem and self-reflection, and help them realize their full potential.
When I was asked to volunteer my services and create a logo for My Place Under the Sun, I decided to create something child friendly, also something empowering, that is why I decide to create this image of child as super hero.
Recently, the organization started the fundraising drive. People started to post on their social media, not only the donation telephone number 060 80 20 25 and bank number of the campaign HR 1924020061500087226 where one can donate money, but also they started to draw their own versions of child superhero logo.

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