Monday, January 31, 2022

"Give It Your Best!"

I recently acquired this poster Give It Your Best! designed by Charles Coiner. It's a bit beat up and torn. But considering it's from 1942, it's still in good shape. 


Commissioned by the Office of Emergency Management in 1942, this poster was intended to boost war production. This poster was one of the production incentive images for factories. By joining motto and flag, it is simple yet effective in its design.


"When the administrator of the National Recovery Act (NRA) was dissatisfied with designs presented by Ayer, Charles Coiner himself designed the Blue Eagle symbol that is closely associated with the NRA.He also conceived the Red Feather emblem of the Community Chest. During World War II, he designed war and civil defense posters; an offset lithograph of one with the slogan Give It Your Best! for the Office of Emergency Management is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art."



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