Friday, September 1, 2023

My SP Designs

A friend of mine from Novi Sad, Serbia sent me a present. It is a single vinyl record (SP) that I designed for a Novi Sad band Labaratorija, "Virgin 69" in 1982. From my hundreds of record designs I think I had the most fun with SPs. Starting with my first SP for Prljavo kazaliste, "My Father Was in the War" in 1979, to my last SP for Rage Against the Machine, "Bulls on Parade" in 1996. The reason for this is probably because at that time everybody paid less attention to SPs than to LPs. That gave me a chance to have a little bit more fun.

And probably for the same reason, some of these SPs are in the MOMA’s collection in New York and were displayed in the Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye show.



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