Friday, March 8, 2024

"Mendo Mendović" by Borivoj Dovniković (Bordo)

You probably think I started to collect to collect original comics in my old age. No. I started to collect comics at my young and tender age. Here is one of those comics given to me in 1975 by Borivoj Dovniković (Bordo)

The comic is based on the hit Yugoslav children's TV show that ran from 1963-1965 with live actors and a bear puppet. The show was named Mendo and Slavica. Mendo Mendović was an early celebrity on Yugoslavian TV. He was a puppet bear that would regularly perform with Slavica Fila (Mendo and Slavica). He had a peculiar speech, inserting "n" within words (hence his name Mendo from Medo "(teddy) bear") and he let the good children press his nose, which would produce a honking sound. 

The comics Mendo Mendović were drawn by Bordo, and appeared in 1964.


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