Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another Movie, Another Cover

Flying to Europe, I usually watch movies for which I wouldn't pay
a ticket to see, or just plainly missed them in theaters. Because of this
second reason, on one of my recent flights, I decided to watch 
The Ladykillers. First, because I saw the original and I really liked it and 
secondly because I enjoy movies by the Coen brothers

In one of the scenes toward the end of the movie, where Tom Hanks is opening 
a coffin that is supposed to be full of money, to his surprise he discovered that 
it is full of magazines. To my surprise, I discovered that one of the magazines 
was with my cover illustration. 

It was Mother Jones magazine from August 2002, art directed by Jane Palecek. 
The only thing I didn't understand was why Tom Hanks was so disappointed
with my cover.

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