Monday, August 13, 2012

Still, Best Congress Money Can Buy

In 1988, I illustrated the cover for the book, "The Best Congress Money Can Buy"
by Philip M. Stern, designed by Nancy Brescia and art directed by Louise Fili.

With time, I managed to lose my only copy of the book, but thanks to the internet
I just bought another one. Just flipping through the book, I was astonished to
see of how many things the book predicted have become truths, and even worse.

Below is an excerpt of a book review from 1988.

"His most recent book, 'The Best Congress Money Can Buy,' (1988) was about the influence of PACs (Political Action Committee) on Capitol Hill as a result of their campaign contributions, and also a study of the high cost of running for elective office. Mr. Stern sent complimentary copies of the book to members of the House and Senate, and he included in each a one dollar bill as a book marker. Many members of Congress angrily returned the books and the markers."

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