Sunday, October 18, 2020

Anti-Coronavirus posters

Today on 20th street between 5th and 6th avenues, I was surprised to see, still untouched, the Anti-Coronavirus poster posters I designed and posted more than 6 months ago.

I was one of the artists invited by Poster House and Print magazine to do Anti-Coronavirus poster.

NYC Street Version of the Anti-Coronavirus poster

That was enough for me I wanted the poster/message to appear on less official ad spaces and that way could get attention of more of the community in NYC. I paid to print and distribute poster on Manhattan Bronx and Queens.You will see in the link even David Byrne put my poster on his instagram with a comment.

Anti-Coronavirus poster in Ljubljana

I also managed to arrange printing and distribution of poster in Ljubljana, Slovena.

Anti-Coronavirus billboards in Zagreb

And also managed to arrange printing and posting of 40 billboards around the city of Zagreb in Croatia.

Stay-Sane-Stay-Safe in Breda

The tree installations are traveling through Breda. They are aiming for seven locations in three weeks. I’m very pleased that my poster is one of the posters included in them.

Anti-Coronavirus posters in Belgrade, Serbia

I also managed to arrange printing and posting of 1000 posters around the city of Belgrade in Serbia.

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