Monday, December 28, 2020

ApARTe° the magazine

One of my pages from the A.C.2020 visual essay created to express anxiety and uncertainty caused by Covid-19 was published in Italian magazine ApARTe°. The magazine turns twenty this year and it celebrates its birthday with this special edition.

ApARTe° is a magazine that explores explores organically the relations between anarchist and libertarian thought and the Arts. It is a semi-annual magazine, printed on quality paper and hand-tied. It usually offers its readers inserts of various kinds and always a CD or a DVD.

Writers, editors, graphic designers and distributors lend their work without any compensation. The magazine does not host any kind of advertising and it does not depend on any sponsor. Its balance sheet has been miraculously positive for twenty years thanks to the steady support of its subscribers and readers.

More about A.C.2020 here and here.

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