Friday, December 18, 2020

"Trigan Empire" comic by Don Lawrence

When I was very young, I started to look at comics magazines. One of the comics appearing on the front pages was Karl The Viking by Don Lawrence. To me, at that time, there was something really disturbing about it. This comic was published in black and white. People had weird faces with too many muscles and there were too many teeth in their crooked mouth. The landscape was almost without any vegetation. Even the trees were leafless. Just stones and cold sea with rain and constant wind. 

This comic made me file cold.

Later I discovered that he also drew comics in colours. For example, his comic The Trigan Empire. Colour did help, but there was still something weird about it.

That is probably the reason why I got myself the original page of The Trigan Empire from episode The Man From The Future published in 1975.


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