Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Call for Solidarity and Togetherness by High School Students from Rijeka

I am happy to share with you this news that appeared yesterday in the Croatian newspaper Novi list. One of those beautiful side effects of the Tolerance Poster Show.

"For the next week, the windows of the City of Rijeka on Korzo will be decorated with posters of students from the First Croatian Gymnasium in Rijeka and children from the My Place Under the Sun program at the Center for the Culture of Dialogue. 

The posters that will be placed on Tuesday carry important messages from students and call for solidarity, and were created as a continuation of the international Erasmus + project »p.s. Initiate Solidarity ”which is being implemented in France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Croatia, where 24 schools are involved in the project, and the holder is the Center for Peace Studies in Zagreb. 

PRHG students previously sent postcards to their fellow citizens with messages indicating various social problems, and later, under the leadership of Diana Rosatti, Helena de Karina and Nataša Kuzmar Colnar, they made posters, while some of the posters were created during the collaboration of students 1.d . classes and children from the My Place Under the Sun program. 

The posters on Korzo were created as a reaction of students to the exhibition "Tolerance" by Mirko Ilić, and the goal of the exhibition and all activities is to encourage citizens to think about the society in which they live and act in solidarity so that everyone lives in a better world."


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