Thursday, August 19, 2021

The Move "Sretno dijete" (Happy Child)

In 2003, I was asked by Igor Mirkovic to appear on his documentary Sretno dijete (Happy Child). The documentary was about the beginning of the Punk and New wave in my home town Zagreb/Croatia. After the documentary was done, Igor asked me to design the poster for it. 

I decided to ask the photographer to take photos of the coffee shop Zvecka where we were hanging out and from which everything all started. Also I was trying to figure out something very punk in the attitude, not necessarily in the look. I came up with the idea to create a glued fold on the poster. That way, the poster became square-shaped and it looked more like a record cover. And to see the title and the main part of the image, one needed to lift up the fold. 

Of course, there was also a little provocation here. Lifting up the thing in the middle you will make a happy child. 


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